As a small independent brand we aim to be 100% transparent and honest so customers know exactly what fabrics we use, where they come from and who makes our styles:

We have various suppliers of fabric and are committed to using sustainable fabrics wherever we can. Whilst we use some natural fibres we do also use man made fabrics. So you may ask why do we use man made fabrics? and are they sustainable? One of our main fabric suppliers deals entirely in deadstock. In the fashion industry there is soo much waste. Often leftover rolls of fabric with a slight defect such as colour being slightly different to previous batch would go to waste. For fast fashion and mass produced goods these rolls of fabric would be of no use. By using our creativity to come up with designs that work with what we have, we breath fresh life into these salvaged fabrics.
As everything is made by ourselves and things are not cut in bulk in a factory, this allows us to rigorously check fabric as each garment is cut. This means the cutting process takes us longer but ensures there is zero waste whilst maintaining quality of our products. This also means that lots of our styles are limited editions and can not be repeated once the fabric is used up.
Occasionally we may need to buy from a fabric shop for certain orders and we can not guarantee where their products come from. However all our styles are made using low impact processes and mainly from upcycled fabrics. For our dungarees we use sustainable fibres such as cotton, cord and linen.

In 2020 we stopped using all polythene mail bags and changed over to recycled paper mail bags and are looking at other ways to reduce plastic waste as a business. 

The fashion industry is know for exploiting its workforce and paying skilled workers low minimum wages. It is important that my staff have fair and equal pay. I want my staff to know and feel they are valued and for that to happen they are paid above the living wage so they can thrive.

As a womenswear brand we aim to be inclusive and not discriminate based on age, race, class, size or body shape. Therefore I am committed to looking at ways to constantly improve this. Many of our newer styles come in a wider range of sizes and if there is a demand for more size options we add extra sizes.
We also offer a bespoke service were you can send us your measurements and we will make to order. This works well if you do not meet standard sizing e.g if you are really slim but extra tall and need something longer or If you are smaller and midi’s look more like maxi’s on you. We want everyone to enjoy our clothes so feel free to drop us a message if you would like something made to order or if you have any questions about sizing and fit. 

We only sell items designed and made by us. Everything you find on our site is designed and made in house by us. We never buy stock in from wholesalers. The main reasons for this is we do not want to styles that can be found ‘everywhere.’ 
We want Bullet pieces to be different and unique and something special to add to your wardrobe. Styles that you value so much that you can wear them time and time again. Kaftans that can be pulled out every year when you go on holiday or a nice dress that is your go to when you have a special event. We encourage our customers to take their time whilst shopping and step away from fast fashion moving towards a more considered conscious way of shopping/living.


We are a slow fashion brand. We never mass produce our styles. All our styles are made in house by us. We make the orders as and when they come in and use sustainable fabrics wherever possible. By choosing to shop with a slow fashion brand and having clothes made to order this gives customers the option to send their measurements to make sure they get clothes that fit. Resulting in less returns, reducing our carbon footprint. This also means we don’t overproduce lots of stock and only make what we need reducing waste. 

95% off our business is selling clothes directly to our customers via our site or other platforms we sell on. All of the designing and cutting is done in our studio. There is a small team of seamstress’s that make our styles. Our main seamstress Cathy works from home as she has young children so that is what suits her best. Wholesale orders for 200 plus pieces are outsourced to a trusted manufacturer.

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