Hi, I am Jo, the person behind the the brand. 

I have been making clothes for as long as I can remember. My mum bought me a sewing machine when  was around age 10 and I had to ask the neighbour how to thread it. Once I got started I was addicted!!

I would make things out of all kinds of fabrics being a resourceful young creative. As I got older people would often ask where my outfits were from and would commission me to create them an exciting piece. With fashion coming naturally and enjoying it soo much I figured this was my path. I went on to study fashion and textiles design at John Moores University and graduated with a first class honours.

After leaving university I realised that most of the jobs in fashion would be working towards other peoples vision and ideas and I had far too many of my own to do that!

I felt like the high street had the same mundane clothes and designer pieces were far too expensive for everyone to enjoy. I often had an idea in my head of what I wanted to wear but could never find it. That is when I realised if I felt like this maybe others did too? An opportunity then arose and I decided to open my own shop ‘Bullet Liverpool’ in the city centre, selling my own designs exactly as I had imagined and some vintage pieces.

I employed a team of talented seamstress’, mainly women who were double my age with years of experience behind them. The shop and everyone involved thrived for an amazing ten years . In that time I learned so much about the fashion industry, sourcing fabrics, manufacturing and what customers want in terms of fit, style, colours etc. What I love most is offering something that customers cannot find anywhere else, seeing our styles flying off the rails with customers feeling happy, confident and delighted with their purchases.

In 2013 with a wealth of knowledge behind me and seeing online shopping increasing year on year I decided to move over to selling online. Whilst I am constantly learning and evolving as a brand my ethos has not changed. I still pride myself in coming up with original designs that you won’t find anywhere else and that have a reasonable price point that reflects the amount of energy and time that goes into creating each piece. Everything is made in house by us which gives us full creative control over fit, sizing, garment construction and fabrics we use. None of our styles are mass produced or bought in ‘off the peg’ from wholesalers. Instead I invest energy in the creative process to come up with styles that go the extra mile so they can remain wardrobe staples for years to come. Our customers are ladies who are looking for something different and want to step away from the world of fast fashion to more considered conscious way of shopping and living.

If you would like to read more about our commitments as a brand click here.

There is a small but strong team of us that make Bullet what it is consisting of seamstress’s, models, graphic designer, web designer, accountant and various manufacturers. 

The main priority for us as a small independent brand is that you ladies are happy, satisfied and feel great when you wear our styles so your feedback is always appreciated and welcome. 
 Jo xxx
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